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Quick Lube Guide 2019 – Combo Deal


Buy MOTOR’s 2019 Quick Lube Guide get the 2009 Quick Lubrication Guide for FREE!!


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Quick Lube provides the recommendations and capacities for fluids from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). MOTOR has set the standard for quick lube data with the most frequently used data in the quick lube industry. Using this data, you can efficiently determine the proper fluid specifications required to maintain your vehicle.

OEM fluids specifications for 1980+ domestic and import light-duty vehicles for the US market
Fluid grade, viscosity, temperature range, specification standard and capacities

Fluid types covered:
Brake fluid
Clutch fluid
Diesel emission fluid with capacity
Differential fluid with capacity
Engine coolant
Engine oil with capacity
Power steering fluid
Transmission fluid with service refill capacity
Transfer case fluid with capacity
Number of grease fittings
Tire size, pressure, lug nut torque
Drain and fill plug torque
Severe service schedules for fluids

Properly maintain vehicle based on OEM parameters
Adheres to warranty requirements


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