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F3SW Auto Scan Tool Professional


  • F3SW Auto Scan Professional Diagnostic Scanner
  • European, American and Asian vehicles.

$ 2000.00

Product Features

  • F3SW Auto Scan Tool Professional Diagnostic Scanner 
  • OEM Level scanning  
  • Covers Cars, Pickups, Vans, SUV’s & Light Duty Trucks. It has coverage and functionality for: European, American and Asian vehicles.
  • Systems Covered : ECM – PCM – ABS – EBCM – BCM – SRS – TPMS 
  • Tests all major gasoline or diesel passenger vehicles plus gasoline & diesel Heavy Duty Trucks at the OEM scanner level.
  • Includes universal connectors for use in all types of CAN-BUS vehicles. Supports almost all OBD-II protocols, and jumpo connector for advanced users 
  • Readout & Clear DTC / live Data Stream / Actuator Testing / Display ECU Information / Bi-Directional Injector Test / Component Test 
  • Special Functions: Service Resets – Smart Key Learning – Program Remotes – TPMS Learning – Diesel Regen – Cylinder Cut-outs – Adaption 
  • Maintenance Help, self study on-line
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