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Selectline is a web-based, easy-to-use tool that streamlines communication between the front of the shop and the back, allowing the service desk and technicians to communicate electronically without leaving their work areas. It ties estimating, parts search and service information to labor operations, creating a simplified workflow and higher profits.
Selectline delivers estimates alongside parts information, labor and preventive maintenance schedules related specifically to the vehicle and operations selected.


  • As you build your estimate, Selectline’s smart solution saves you time by giving you only the parts information, labor,
    and preventive maintenance schedules related to the vehicle and operations selected.
  • When Selectline delivers the information to the technician it comes linked with all associated service and
    repair information.
  • Selectline gives you the power to grow your business and improve your efficiency by giving you the fastest access to
    just the information you need when where and how you need it without having to search for it.


  • MOTOR Selectline keeps you connected by improving communication throughout your shop, whether you’re working on
    a mobile device, PC or laptop.
  • Staying connected allows technicians to recommend services without leaving the bay and helps the service desk assign
    work and minimize wait time for customers.


  • Improves everyone’s efficiency – from shop owner and service advisor to technician.
  • Improves customers’ shop experience by building confidence that the shop will complete the work on time, has all the
    information to complete the job and can help educate customer on options.
  • One system links all of MOTOR’s trusted data instead of having to use multiple systems, driving efficiency.


Web-Based Estimate tool with easy-to-use interface.

Adaptable Tool

  • Configure it with your shop’s labor rates, sales taxes and parts markup percentage
  • Build your own job templates, modify them for new jobs or build a job from scratch

Informed Advising

  • Advise on upcoming maintenance needs based on OEM schedules
  • Make informed recommendations based on vehicle’s job history and previously declined work

QuickBooks™ Integration

  • Automatically push actual labor expenses and parts costs from a job to QuickBooks
  • Save time and money by eliminating accounting errors and redundant, time-consuming data entry


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