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Pricing for MOTOR products is only available by region. In order to see your regional pricing, we must be able to verify your location by zip code.

If you change your mind and you would like to see pricing for your region, you can reset your browser permissions.

The fastest way to reset geolocation is to clear your browser cache and cookies. After clearing, reload the page and allow the site to access your location when prompted.

To find more detailed instructions on how to reset your browser geolocation permissions, or to add AutoRepairTech as an exception to your geolocation settings, check out our page on resetting browser geolocation permissions.

Set Your Local Store for Pricing & Availability

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    Fill the form to find your regional store.


    FIRST click the "Allow My Location" button below.

    THEN select "Allow" when you see the pop-up box.

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    We will not use your location for any purpose other than determining your region.

    Click "Allow" on the pop-up above to find your local store.