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Pricing for MOTOR products is only available by region. In order to see your regional pricing, we must be able to verify your location by zip code.

If you change your mind and you would like to see pricing for your region, you can reset your browser permissions.

The fastest way to reset geolocation is to clear your browser cache and cookies. After clearing, reload the page and allow the site to access your location when prompted.

To find more detailed instructions on how to reset your browser geolocation permissions, or to add AutoRepairTech as an exception to your geolocation settings, check out our page on resetting browser geolocation permissions.

AutoRepairTech Know Your Location

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AutoRepairTech Means Regional Relevance

AutoRepairTech serves the automotive community by making repair information systems easier to shop for online. But one of the challenges we face serving a big country like the United States is making sure that each of the regions across the nation is provided with the unique, relevant information that matters most in your state, county and city. This means building a digital shopping experience that reflects your regional needs and making sure everyone is properly served by their local information system distributors.

This is not a one-size-fits-all business. Each state in America has its own rules and regulations that impact automotive repair technicians. For example, states like California have strict emission control regulations, while states like Florida do not.

NOTE: You will not be able to see pricing on our websites if you do not allow the site to see your location.

To address these state-by-state differences, is built out on a region basis, with our ultimate goal being the creation of a unique store and a knowledgeable local distributor dedicated to providing you the most relevant information for your neck of the woods.

Next Level Geolocation System

You will now notice when you come to the site that your browser asks to allow location detection. We have added this feature so that we can identify your location and redirect you to your local store.

We Believe That Your Privacy Matters

Of course, at a time when bad actors are hard at work trying to hack our privacy and steal our identity information, it’s natural to be skeptical of this kind of feature. We take privacy very seriously and we definitely advise everyone to be vigilant in protecting their personal information. But rest assured knowing that your location information is not being stored on our system, and we will use your location only to redirect you to the correct digital store.

If you decide that you would prefer not to show your location, we completely understand and respect that decision. But unfortunately, due to our agreements with the regional distributors, you will not be able to see pricing on our websites if you do not allow the site to see your zip code.

How To Reset Your Geolocation

If you have accidentally blocked location detection and want to change your settings, visit our Geolocation information page to learn more about how to add AutoRepairTech as an exception to location settings.

If you have other questions about our privacy policy, visit our privacy notices page here for more information. And please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions whatsoever. You can email or give us a call at (415) 903-0489.

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